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Alpha at OLF Peakhurst

Alpha at OLF Peakhurst

The parish is running some interactive sessions that look into the basics of the Christian faith. Each session starts with a meal, followed by a video and small group discussion where you can share your thoughts. The first session is on Friday, 2 March 2018 from 7-9pm. NO pressure, NO follow-up! To register, contact Clarissa on 02 9533 2594 or at

MGL Discernment Day - Click here for video

Saturday 27 May 8:00am-9:30pm. Penshurst Parish, Sydney. Includes Mass, bacon&egg brekky, short talks and the opportunity for sharing and personal prayer.

Children's Liturgy

Every Sunday, except for school holidays, children are invited to attend Sunday School during the 9.15am Mass, and at the 5pm Mass on the first Saturday of the month. School aged children who have not been Confirmed are welcome to attend. Those who have made their First Holy Communion are in one group and the younger children are in another group. The numbers vary from week to week with an average of approximately twenty-five children. Children return to Mass after the Offertory.

A lesson outline and worksheets are available for each week. The lessons relate to that week’s Readings or Gospel and are relevant to the lives of children.

The Children’s Liturgy Group is responsible for the ‘famous’ Christmas Pageant and Christmas Eve Mass. The children also enjoy being an important part of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day morning Masses.

Our volunteers include Mums, Dads and High School students from various backgrounds. We are always eager to have more help, particularly with the younger children. It is great experience for young people thinking about a career in teaching or for anybody looking for a practical way in which they can contribute to the Parish.

Our aim is to provide the children of Our Lady of Fatima, Peakhurst with a sense of belonging in an environment that is often just adult orientated. New children to the parish or occasional visitors are welcome to attend Sunday School and if you would like to find out more about becoming a helper we would love to hear from you.

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